Against disinformation: ReclaimTheFacts launches crowdfunding campaign

Tuesday is International Fact Check Day. As part of this, the ReclaimTheFacts initiative has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a handbook against disinformation. The aim is also to build a community of active supporters.

Given the growing challenges posed by misinformation, it is crucial to provide effective tools to identify and combat disinformation. The Handbook of Disinformation aims to go into detail about manipulative strategies and techniques and provide readers with practical skills to recognize and protect themselves from disinformation. Studies show that people who know these techniques recognize manipulation and misinformation faster and better.

Building a community is another goal

In addition to the publication of the handbook, a committed community of activists is to be formed. This community should actively promote media literacy in order to create a broader awareness and understanding of the importance of critical media viewing in society.

Commitment of "Mr. Campaigning" Peter Metzinger

Behind ReclaimTheFacts is "Mr. Campaigning" Peter Metzinger, who launched the initiative. Since 1982, Metzinger has been campaigning for social causes that aim to strengthen democracy and improve the future viability of humanity. With the founding of ReclaimTheFacts, Metzinger wants to contribute his many years of commitment and expertise to counteract the increasing spread of disinformation.

Call for support

The initiative invites both individuals and companies to participate in the crowdfunding campaign or support the initiative through sponsorship. The aim is to raise 3,000 francs. The aim is to enable the production and promotion of the handbook "and thus make a significant contribution to the fight against disinformation", according to the statement.

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