How the BFU and CRK creatively raise awareness of safety

A new awareness-raising campaign by the BFU, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, illustrates driver assistance systems with the help of cheetahs, chameleons and other animals. CRK designed and implemented the campaign.

They can do a lot and yet only a few people are aware of their full power: driver assistance systems installed in our cars. These technical achievements make a significant contribution to preventing accidents on the roads. It is therefore all the more important to explain the benefits of these life-saving systems to drivers and to make them aware of how to use them correctly.

Beastly powerful driver assistance systems

The campaign, designed and implemented by the CRK communications agency, visualizes the performance of driver assistance systems using an analogy with the animal kingdom. Cheetah, hedgehog and chameleon: each of these animals has special abilities that ensure their survival. In the same way, various driver assistance systems help drivers to stay safe on the road.

Like a cheetah that can stop within a few meters when hunting prey, Emergency Brake Assist enables you to come to a standstill on the road in a short space of time. Like the spines of a hedgehog, the intelligent speed assistant ensures the right distance to the next vehicle at all times. And just as the eyes of a chameleon give it a 360° view, Blind Spot Assist helps to avoid blind spots in traffic.

Digital and analog

The campaign raises awareness among road users with three initial subjects in two waves in March and October. The main analog advertising media are F4, F200 and F12 posters along roads throughout Switzerland. In the digital area, the campaign relies on video ads on YouTube and social media. Other animal subjects are used on the website.

Responsible at the BFU: Jürg Beutler (Head of Communications, Member of the Executive Board), Franziska Hartmann (Head of Campaigns), Simon Schatzmann (Head of Campaigns). Responsible at CRK: Caroline Hulliger (project management), Filip Wolfensberger (creative director), Thomas Meyer (art director), Manuel Kaufmann (graphics), Gina Messerli (project management).film production: 404 agency. Website: BOLD
Media: Mediaschneider Bern.

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