Catholic Church counters with Art.i.schock

The Roman Catholic Church in the canton of Zurich is aware that it is currently not in a good light and a campaign will not save its image. Without negating its transgressions, it wants to focus on its social commitment. It is supported by the Zurich agency Art.i.schock.

The University of Zurich's findings on sexual abuse have shaken both the church and the public. The number of people leaving the church has increased massively since then - and income from church taxes is declining. Among other things, this is jeopardizing the church's commitment to people in poverty and precarious living situations, refugees as well as children and young adults.

The Roman Catholic Church in the Canton of Zurich is focusing on this social commitment in a campaign to provide comprehensive basic information to help people weigh up whether to leave, but also to acknowledge the negative image. The focus is on the relaunch of the website Church tax

With hand-drawn illustrations, the site is intended to create a personal connection and appear fresh and modern. The reduction to two colors ensures variety and consistency at the same time. In addition to the website, the campaign designed and implemented by Art.i.schock uses posters and advertisements as well as online advertising.

Responsible at the Catholic Church in the Canton of Zurich: Simon Spengler (Head of Communications), Saskia Richter (Online Communications and Event Management). Responsible at Art.i.schock: Yaël Weissmann, Yannick Zryd (consulting, conception, project management), Yasmin Kim Cilasin, Florence Schaffter (graphics). Website programming: Indyan media.

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