Andfrank for EqualVoice: Striking AI campaign against the gender visibility gap

For the Ringier initiative EqualVoice, the Andfrank agency has implemented an eye-catching campaign that uses artificial intelligence to highlight the problem of the gender visibility gap.

Instead of demanding specific quotas, Ringier is using its journalistic and technological strength to promote equality between men and women with EqualVoice. The core of the initiative is the "EqualVoice Factor", which uses a specially developed algorithm to measure the visibility of women in editorial articles. The EqualVoice Factor is now used by 32 titles in seven countries with a reach of around 50 million people.

The aim of the initiative is to make women more visible in the media and thus close the gender visibility gap, create more female role models and give women and men an equal voice. After all, over 70 percent of Swiss media reports are currently about men, which can be a problem for women in the professional world in particular.

AI-supported awareness campaign

To make the initiative more visible, an awareness campaign was launched in collaboration with the Andfrank agency. This uses artificial intelligence to highlight the gender visibility gap. This is because certain AI applications often obtain their information from published media content.

The idea: While professions in the business world are usually referred to with English, gender-neutral titles, we humans often automatically have men in mind. This gender-stereotypical thought pattern has shaped people's perceptions for years. And Ki is also affected by this: as soon as people search for "CEO", "Entrepreneur" or "Creative Director", only images of men are generated.

With six subjects, the campaign by EqualVoice and Andfrank aims to raise awareness of the gender visibility gap and make the media landscape more inclusive. The campaign will be featured in Ringier's print titles as well as on EqualVoice's social media channels.


Responsible at EqualVoice: Annabella Bassler (CFO Ringier AG & initiator EqualVoice), Lea Eberle (Head of Strategy EqualVoice & Strategic Project Manager Finance), Elsa Reichling (Junior Project Manager EqualVoice). Responsible at Andfrank: Ramon Alder (Creative Direction & Concept), Gianni Peng (Text & Concept), Florian Bieniek (Creative Strategy & Media), Nico Strässle (Consulting & Project Management), Amanda Eisenhut (Desktop Publishing).

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