Kernbrand and Einrichtenschweiz: Furniture has feelings

Furniture is increasingly being treated as a disposable product that is bought quickly, breaks quickly and is disposed of again. Reason enough for the umbrella organization Einrichtenschweiz to launch an image campaign for Swiss furniture together with the Kernbrand agency.

With 500 organized companies and more than 9000 employees, the umbrella association Einrichtenschweiz is the leading association in the home and furnishing industry. It has been committed to greater sustainability for years. After all, Swiss furniture and furnishings are not meant to be thrown away. Because no cheap or even harmful materials are used. Because they are designed and manufactured with quality and passion. Because they are unique. This realization led to the idea of the new "Furnishing with personality" campaign.

What would furniture say if it could speak?

In the campaign spots, Swiss furniture openly shows its feelings. There's "Marlo", an aesthetic sofa from Weibelweibel that can withstand the wildest mood swings, dances and hangovers (as long as it gets a little love). "Capri", on the other hand, is a perfectionist, rather proud table from Willisau. And the MAB bed "Luna" wishes its slightly depressive owner every morning that his dreams will come true. The Kernbrand agency from St.Gallen designed the campaign, which will be broadcast in cinemas, on public transport and on social media. The association hopes that this will raise awareness of quality and personality. A counter-trend to "always more, cheaper, faster".

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