Erdmannpeisker: Ecumenical campaign continues

Erdmannpeisker has once again produced a motif for the ecumenical campaign this year, which can be seen across the media throughout Switzerland during Lent.

For more than 50 years, the aid organizations HEKS/EPER, Fastenaktion and "Partner sein" have been running the Ecumenical Campaign throughout Switzerland every year in the six weeks before Easter. It enjoys a high profile among the Swiss population, has a traditional place in both the Catholic and Reformed church calendars and draws attention to the global context of why fellow human beings live in poverty, hardship and undignified conditions.

Campaign visual by Erdmannpeisker

For the current campaign, Erdmannpeisker has produced the campaign visual on the topic of "Climate justice now" for the fourth year in a row, which can be seen throughout Switzerland in a cross-media campaign. The aim of this year's campaign is once again to draw attention to North-South injustices in Switzerland and encourage people to change their consumer behavior. This is because overconsumption significantly exacerbates climate change, which threatens living conditions in the South.

Under the motto "Less is more", the established side-by-side mechanics directly highlight the impact in the South of overconsumption in the North. The striking juxtaposition, together with the short headline, is intended to communicate simply and quickly. The motif is intended to provoke, stimulate thought and bring interested parties to the website.

Responsible at the Ecumenical Campaign: Elke Fassbender (Co-Head of Campaigning, Ecumenism, Church at HEKS), Matthias Dörnenburg (Head of the Ecumenical Lenten Campaign). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Sybille Erdmann (Consulting), Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Laura Fässler (Photography and Motion Design), Felix Schregenberger (Image Editing).

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