Ese Agency communicates for Migros' "Support Culture" on social media

The Migros promotion campaign is entering its second round. Ese Agency has designed a variety of content pieces for social media that focus on identification, unusual encounters and authentic testimonials.

Migros is once again donating over six million francs to Swiss cultural associations this year. Until April, club vouchers will be distributed with every Migros purchase of CHF 20 or more, which can be allocated to the registered cultural associations. The clubs can use the cash they receive to fulfill a wish.

Wirz has launched an integrated campaign for this purpose ( reported). As in last year's edition, Ese Agency was entrusted with the conception and implementation of the social media campaign. In a total of 15 videos in three languages, Switzerland's amateur culture is presented and celebrated in a humorous way.

Comedians leave the stage to the experienced

For example, the two comedians Dani Hutti and Mike Casa can be found in unusual settings for them - dancing in traditional costumes, in a tambourine club or in children's theater. But always close to Swiss culture - with all its facets.

The funny short clips are intended to convey the campaign messages with a wink. Together with emotions and insights into club life. The two of them quickly realize that they won't get very far with faxes - when it comes to dancing, making music or acting.

The content pieces are intended to capture the entire spectrum of cultural creation. They are prepared in a target group-oriented way for a diverse but social media-savvy community: with comedians, street challenges and meme intermezzos.

From the heart of the cultural community

The social media concept focuses on authenticity. In a campaign video, for example, club members who benefited from last year's edition explain themselves how the registration process works. Credible testimonials for culture can be found in all content sections and are intended to create identification potential.

Elia Binelli, founder of Ese Agency, is particularly pleased about this proximity to culture: "Our independence began with a music magazine. That's why we are very passionate about working with Migros a second time to create more visibility for culture." The 27-year-old ran the urban medium for years together with his business partners Emanuel Ernst and Severin Gamper Lyrics Magazine.

Responsible at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Laura Geerts, Melina Schweizer, Joelle Greber, Vanessa Heredia. Responsible at Ese Agency: Elia Binelli (responsible), Elia Binelli, Emanuel Ernst, Damian Steffen, Aline Braun (concept), Moira Meier, Ian Weber, Elia Gagliotta (production).

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