Brinkertlück has Baba Shrimps Pizza delivered

The band "Baba Shrimps" is releasing a new EP. Brinkertlück Switzerland has launched a campaign with Uber Eats to mark the occasion. On Friday, fans can order a pizza with extra shrimps from Con Gusto via Uber Eats - namely with Baba Shrimps. The band will then deliver the pizza and play a few new songs directly at people's homes.

(Image: zVg.)

After a long break, Baba Shrimps are back with a new EP, which will be released on March 1st. To celebrate the EP launch, the indie band and agency Brinkertlück Switzerland have come up with something special: on Friday, fans will have the opportunity to order a pizza with Baba Shrimps live via Uber Eats at Con Gusto. With a bit of luck, Baba Shrimps will visit the lucky winners directly at home, deliver the pizza and perform two or three songs from their new EP live.

"Nowadays you have to find new ways to present yourself as a band. This campaign together with Uber Eats gives us the opportunity to do so," explains Adrian, lead singer of Baba Shrimps.

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