TBS realizes launch campaign for Cinu.ch

Neugass Kino has launched the cinema platform Cinu.ch to reach a younger audience and provide online access to good films. TBS developed the launch campaign and the communication presence for it.

Neugass Kino runs the Riffraff and the Houdini in Zurich and the Bourbaki in Lucerne and is an institution in Swiss independent cinema. It now wants to make this film expertise accessible online in the form of a portal. The launch campaign is intended to attract new film enthusiasts to the portal. Cinu.ch draw attention to this.

Selected good movies. At the movies and at home.

The unique position compared to commercial streaming portals lies in the curated offer. On the other hand, the aim is to show that cinema and streaming both still have their justification and can live well alongside and with each other. With Cinu.ch, both can now be used.

Cinu.ch as the number 1 topic of conversation

If good cinema thrives on exceptional dialogue, Cinu.ch translates this by re-dubbing iconic film scenes. It's always about the new Cinu. The realization is deliberately meme-like: The dialogues seem absurd in context, are spoken by amateurs in the commercials, and the design is also deliberately simple. The translation on the poster and banner takes place via speech bubbles with short dialogs in Swiss German. The minimalist concept is intended to develop its own charm, is easy to produce and can also be extended to a wide variety of films and Cinu aspects in the longer term.

In-house channels and targeted presence

At the launch, cinu will be introduced with the three films "Triangle of Sadness", "Schellenursli" and "Zwingli" - thus addressing different audience segments. The cinema spots will be shown in the in-house theaters of Riffraff, Houdini and Bourbaki.

In Zurich, a DOOH campaign will be placed in the vicinity of the two cinemas and in the VBZ newspaper boxes on the relevant bus and streetcar lines. The posters will also be displayed in the cinema centers and in selected cultural institutions. The new offer will be advertised in the in-house program newsletters and shared on the social media channels of Riffraff, Houdini and now also Cinu.

At the same time, ads are placed on meta channels, TikTok and YouTube in order to reach a new, younger audience. Advertisements in target group-specific publications such as Raised first floorthe cultural magazine in the Xenix program booklet, reaches cinema fans.

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