Sweet and SBB redefine "All Inclusive" with Interrail

All-inclusive package tourists versus freedom-loving individual travelers: The current Interrail campaign by the Swedish agency Sweet for SBB uses this tense contrast in a humorous way.

A cocky senior triggers a tidal wave in the hotel pool with a butt bomb. A child screams because the sun cream runs into his eye. The daily fight to reserve a lounger with a towel - all-inclusive vacations can be quite exhausting. After all, all you really need on a well-deserved vacation is a little peace and quiet. Adventure too, of course. But please choose and decide for yourself.

SBB's current Interrail campaign plays on this contrast. In collaboration with Swedish agency Sweet, Swiss Federal Railways has designed a transnational campaign for Interrail that will be rolled out in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. They are orchestrating offline and online media between February 19 and March 22, 2024.

Less is more

The message "All inclusive redefined." is the main motif that adorns posters and conveys the campaign idea in a reduced form in various social media and other online applications. A couple in love sits on a jetty and gazes out into the distance. What more do you need? All you need is love. All inclusive.

The energy and simultaneous leisure of modesty and "being in the moment" are also expressed in the other online and social media subjects. Happy, freedom-loving people enjoy themselves in nature and live the spirit of Interrail. The tour suggestions from slow travel specialist Bart Giepmans on the Campaign landing page are also intended to provide further inspiration.

The campaign will be accompanied by a 15 percent discount on Interrail Global Passes from Tuesday until March 5, 2024, with which you can travel through 33 countries and choose your favorite route at any time. The promotion also focuses on freedom of choice, individuality and flexibility, which fits in with the campaign.

Responsible: Doro Engels, Fabian Strahm, Daniel Wegmüller, Aina Heiniger, Sandra Graf, Michael Grube, Melissa Heizmann, Jolanda Thomann, Urs Plattner, Manuel Fischer, Barbara Moser, Yvonne Wyss, Michael Bigler, Daniel Rösth von Sweet.

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