Scholz & Friends launches DAB+ campaign

Scholz & Friends Zurich is running a campaign to make drivers aware of the need to switch to DAB+ digital radio.

The switch-off of FM is approaching, and there are still many cars on Swiss roads with FM radios. An orchestrated campaign aims to make drivers in Switzerland aware of the upcoming switchover to DAB+ and support them in converting their vehicles.

The campaign focuses on radio reception in the car and also shows what would be lost without the changeover - such as music in various styles and editorial formats from news to sport. This is visualized using "wiggly figures" that are attached directly to the car radio on the dashboard and speak directly to radio listeners. They stand for radio content, give the abstract topic an emotional approach and do so in an entertaining way that suits the medium of radio. The campaign is now on air throughout Switzerland on TV, radio, OOH, digital, social media and content. Partners from the radio, automotive and retail sectors also have access to advertising material via a portal.

The measures were developed in close consultation with the DigiMig working group and with representatives of private commercial and non-commercial radio stations as well as SRG SSR and on behalf of Bakom.

Responsible at Bakom: Kathrin Kluser (project manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Joana Faria, Barbara Hartmann, Franziska Stäger, Martin Arnold, Patrick Bucher, David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen (Creation), Véronique Forster, Victoria Kirsch, Ramona Zwyer, Elodie Caucigh, Susi Miller, Mathias Rösch (Consulting & Strategy). Film production: Markenfilm, Lars Timmermann (director). Partner Western SwitzerlandAgence Trio. Media agency: Mediatonic.

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