Content and form for Swiss Dental Center: Beastly beautiful teeth

In the current online campaign for dental hygiene at the Swiss Dental Center, content and form allow animals to shine with their brightest smiles.

The combination of animals and dental hygiene doesn't make much sense at first glance, but this changes when you take a closer look at Swiss Dental Center's online campaign. The campaign for dental hygiene is intended to show bite and humor - in the form of animal protagonists. All animals - from cats to walruses - have beautiful teeth. Probably thanks to dental hygiene at the Swiss Dental Center.

In this way, the campaign aims to break with the cliché of the classic Hollywood smile for dental advertising and offer an unexpected twist. Five subjects show animals with teeth in combination with humorous headlines. The landing page for dental hygiene at the Swiss Dental Center was given a new look to match.

The campaign can be seen in the form of Google Ads, Meta Ads and LinkedIn Ads - and is reportedly a complete success. The combination of humor and expertise has "achieved the desired effect and brought new customers to the Swiss Dental Center", according to Content and Form. Monthly engagement increased by an average of 24% and the landing page was visited over 10,000 times during the campaign period.

Responsible at Swiss Dental Center: Klaas Friedel (dentist). Responsible at Iundf agency group: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), Mato Bilic (Motion / UX Designer), Dario Brazerol (Junior Copywriter), Adrian Huwyler, Bettina Righetto (Project Management). Iandf Media: Gianluca Pirrera (Media Director), Michal Tylicki (Digital Campaign Manager).

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