Schroten demonstrates backstage work for AAS

In the recruitment campaign for the ground handler AAS, Schroten emphasizes the attractiveness of the airport environment.

The world's airports exude a special charm. Being able to move around in front of and behind the scenes there on a daily basis is more appealing than a conventional office. This is the focus of the AAS ground handler recruitment campaign, which has been on display in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich since mid-January.

"Cruising around with 1360 hp. And earn money at the same time." is written under the picture of a ramp agent who is allowed to push back planes with his pushback vehicle. An ornithological comparison is used to promote the job of ramp loader: "Others feed pigeons. You feed the really big birds." And to refer to the position of Passenger Service Agents, who are responsible for processing passengers at check-in and at the gate, a glance out of the huge windows is enough: "New to the job. And already the office with the best view."

The campaign, developed by AAS and the Zurich-based agency Schroten and implemented by the Basel-based production company Jensen+Heitz, shows AAS employees at work and is also intended to portray the humor and challenger mentality that the owner-managed company demonstrates.

"The campaign shows who we are: A competitive company that does everything it can every day to ensure that its customers - the airlines - can concentrate on flying," explains Nevena Dragosavljevic, Chief Communications Officer at AAS. "And at the same time an employer that attaches great importance to a sense of community, empowering employees and having fun at work."

Potential candidates for the six different job profiles are encouraged by the widely publicized social media and poster campaign, as well as at job fairs and flyer campaigns, to visit the recruiting landing page developed for this purpose via to find out more about employment at AAS.

Responsible at AAS: Nevena Dragosavljevic (Chief Communications Officer), Nina Leibundgut (Communications Manager), Malush Sahitaj (Digital Marketing Specialist), Lia Nobili (Project Assistant Communications). Responsible for grist: Adrian Schräder (overall responsibility & text), Fabian Esslinger, Niels Schäfer (art direction & text), Adrian Huwyler (digital & media consultant). Media: Dama holder, Speed-U-Up. Film & Photo: Jensen+Heitz, Stephanie Heitz (Producer), Nicolas Heitz (DOP), Laurids Jensen (photo).

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