SBB advertises "the best job prospects in the world"

With the new SBB employer branding campaign by Farner Consulting for lateral entry as a train driver, interested parties can already get a taste of working life in the advertising material.

The reasons for job dissatisfaction are as individual as they are varied. For some it is due to their superiors, for others it is because they always take their work home with them in the evening - and some lack a sense of purpose. Sometimes the only thing that helps is a career change. A career change as a train driver at SBB can help here. The job not only offers breathtaking views along the most beautiful railroad lines in Switzerland, but also more promising prospects compared to regular 9-to-5 jobs.

SBB is using this insight for its new recruitment campaign and presenting a career change as a train driver as the best job prospect in the world in two senses. The campaign addresses common pain points in the working environment and positions the profession of train driver as a promising solution to these problems. This is visually enhanced by the view from the driver's cab, so that the future working day can already be experienced in the advertising material. In interactive banners, you can even choose from perspectives on three different train routes.

The 360-degree campaign uses channels such as OOH, DOOH, rail posters, social ads and various interactive, digital banner formats. The measures will be targeted regionally in order to draw attention to the training classes at the various locations. As a central campaign element, the landing page offers further information about the profession and the opportunity to (digitally) accompany a train driver throughout an entire shift. Following a successful launch, the campaign will run over several flights throughout the year, with special additional measures providing particular highlights.

Responsible at SBB: Corinne Kuhn, Yves Rüegg, Nicole Pongracz, Philippe Hasler, Stefanie Widmer, Stephanie Escher. Responsible at Farner Consulting: Philipp Skrabal, Ennio Cadau, Mathias Kröbl, Roger Krage, Camille Zuber. Responsible at Shining: Tom Brunner, Chandra Marquart, Damian Derungs, Gian Niggli, Urs Schmid, Pascal Holzer, Lukas Kärcher, Jan Murer, Nicolas Küng, Dominik Nussbaumer, Jingle Jungle, Colin Schmid, Nina Cutkovic, Stefan Bircher. Responsible at schönbucher fotografen: Noë Flum, Maria Schönbucher. Responsible at Havas Schweiz Media: Agron Gjini, Sabrina Podgorny. Responsible for banner production: Capture Media, SeenThis.

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