Arud and Ruf Lanz: Awareness campaign enters the next round

Arud, the Center for Addiction Medicine in Zurich, is once again raising awareness of alcohol addiction with a striking campaign by Ruf Lanz.

In autumn 2022, Arud, the Center for Addiction Medicine in Zurich, launched an alcohol awareness campaign for the first time, designed by Ruf Lanz ( reported) - and apparently with success: "Ruf Lanz's eye-catching campaign contributed greatly to destigmatization and led to six times more admissions due to alcohol problems than in the previous year. We were also delighted to receive numerous awards from Switzerland and abroad," says Arud campaign manager Patrizia De Nicoli.

Further awareness campaign with Ruf Lanz

Now Arud is launching another awareness campaign with Ruf Lanz. The background: in our culture, the consumption of alcohol is almost expected on many occasions. But the potential for addiction is high. Excessive consumption is often an attempt to self-medicate. For example, someone may suffer from depression and alcohol consumption supposedly helps them to cope with the symptoms. Repeated drinking can thus lead to the development of an addiction, a kind of daily self-medication.

"When alcohol is your daily medicine" is therefore the slogan of the new campaign. Staged with four frequently consumed alcoholic beverages with a medical measuring cup on them. "A deviation from the norm that stands out and is crystal clear," says Creative Director Markus Ruf. A total of four motifs can be seen in the greater Zurich area: on printed and digital posters, on hanging boxes in public transport, on advertisements, postcards and in social media.

Responsible at Arud, Center for Addiction Medicine: Patrizia De Nicoli (Project Manager Communications), Reto Jeger (Managing Director), Philip Bruggmann (Co-Chief Physician Internal Medicine), Regina Esser (Co-Chief Physician Internal Medicine), Thilo Beck (Co-Chief Physician Psychiatry), Achim Gooss (Co-Chief Physician Psychiatry). Responsible at Ruf Lanz, Zurich: Markus Ruf, Danielle Knecht-Lanz (creative direction), Mario Moosbrugger, Isabelle Hauser (art direction), Markus Ruf (text), Gian Marco Juon (consulting management), Armin Arnold (DTP). External partners: Detail Studios (photography), Aschmann Klauser, Michèle Aschmann (image processing), RTK Medientechnik (lithography).

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