Foundry beats the drum for raclette burgers from Burgermeister

Foundry drums for Burgermeister - in the truest sense of the word. And with a whole dozen real drummers. It's also about cheese.

Burgermeister's guests are very diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they love authentic, fresh burgers and funny social media content. Burgermeister can deliver both, the latter with the support of the Foundry social content team. But first things first: Just in time for the first cold snap in November, you could bite into Burgermeister's raclette burger for the first time. Right from the start, Burgermeister restaurants and take-aways in Zurich, Basel, St. Gallen and Lucerne reported how popular the Raclette Burger already is with guests. The recipe with the fresh ingredients and the balanced ratio of sauces, patty, rösti, grilled onions and of course the unique raclette cheese from the Camenzind cheese dairy in Schalchen ZH, wrapped in Burgermeister's own buns - pure burger enjoyment. "We are proud to meet the high quality standards with this new burger creation and to have met the taste of our guests with local products," says Aquilino Fusco, Marketing Manager Burgermeister Switzerland.

Before the overpowering international competition relaunches its raclette burger, Foundry used the head start as an opportunity to create an engaging story for Burgermeister's raclette burger on Instagram and Tiktok.

Tambourenverein Helvetia made a lot of noise

"The perfect task for the wide-reaching Swiss influencer, video creator and travel guide of Switzerland: the intern!" says Michael Rottmann, Creative Director at Foundry Zurich, adding: "Fabian Egger knows how to convince in his unmistakable way, in a likeable and entertaining way in his contributions. And he loves eating the raclette burger from Burgermeister." His mission is to get to the bottom of the popular raclette cheese and actively support cheesemaker David Camenzind in delivering it to Burgermeister. But a fitting entry into Zurich also includes tambourines, namely those from the Helvetia Zurich tambourine association. And they made a lot of noise in the "parade".

The Raclette Cheese Parade started at the cheese dairy in Schalchen, from where the cheese was pulled by the cheesemaker in a traditional handcart. Past Chäs Eggä, to Fehraltorf railroad station, from Zurich main station, along the famous Bahnhofstrasse, past McDonald's, Holy Cow and Burger King to the Burgermeister on Kasernenstrasse. There were challenges along the way, countless cell phones were pulled out, filming took place and the popular raclette burger was won by some lucky fans. The Burgermeister was full and everyone was full and satisfied.

The intern's content has been on Insta and TikTok for a few days and has already generated an exceptionally wide reach and countless comments. So the delicious raclette burger is on everyone's lips, online and offline.

Responsible at Burgermeister Schweiz AG: Sonja Rosenheimer (Director of Marketing), Aquilino Fusco (Marketing Manager); responsible at Foundry: Michael Rottmann (Creative Director), Robert Benthin (Account Manager), Elena Frischknecht (Account Project Manager), Maximilian Lange-Brandenburg (Copywriter), Sacha Moser (Creative Partner); realization Fabian Egger (@DerPraktikanttv); musical direction: Matthias Pasquon (TV Helvetia Zurich)

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