Kind regards and Stapo Winterthur advertise with a lot of Winti-Love

Winterthur is one of the safest cities in Switzerland. And it should stay that way. To achieve this, the Winterthur municipal police are not just looking for applicants, but for people who want to represent the city.

The police have many important tasks: Security, order, prevention and intervention. However, the representative function is often forgotten. The Winterthur municipal police are focusing on this for their new recruitment campaign, because police officers always wear the city's coat of arms on their chest and its values to the outside world.

The Freundliche Grüsse print and social campaign aims to convey to potential recruits that strong social and mental skills are required for the Winterthur municipal police: Such as commitment, tolerance, compassion, teamwork and experience. The campaign's messages specifically go beyond pure recruiting. The Winterthur municipal police want to convey the importance of police work and the pride they and the city take in it to the city's population.

The new image film of the Winterthur municipal police, which was conceived and realized as part of the campaign, pursues the same goal: it shows a typical day full of different tasks and missions of the corps and is also intended to be a little love letter to Winti.

The current campaign of the Winterthur city police will be shown on posters, hanging displays in buses and on meta platforms in the Winterthur region from mid-January. The image film will be used on the website, YouTube and in presentations by the city police.

Responsible at the Winterthur City Police: Sarah Paul (project management), Michael Wirz (overall responsibility). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Fabian Biedermann, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Kevin Zysset (art direction), Julian Riegel (text / concept), Seraina Meier (graphics), Sandro Matter, Damian Del Fabbro (consulting), Alessandra Dolci (agency producing); Message Studios (film production): Damian Inderbitzin (director), Stefan Grah (DOP), Marko Ries (photography), Lukas Schaller (color grading), Tonstudio Z (sound / recording).

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