Ruf Lanz: The word of the year does not apply to Bank Thalwil

At the end of November, "monster bank" was named word of the year by the ZHAW. Ruf Lanz makes it clear that it definitely does not refer to Bank Thalwil.

Bank Thalwil has been a predominantly regionally active cooperative bank on the left bank of Lake Zurich since 1841, with its head office in Thalwil and branches in Adliswil, Kilchberg and Langnau am Albis.

Since 2020, Ruf Lanz has positioned Bank Thalwil and its employees as "bankers" who are cut from a different cloth than other bankers: down-to-earth and decent ( reported).

The latest motif of the pointed text campaign picks up on the "Word of the Year" due to the current situation: At the end of November, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW chose "Monsterbank" as the Swiss-German word of the year because, following the merger of UBS and Credit Suisse, the relief at the CS bailout was followed by the fears followed immediately.

Bank Thalwil is pleased that nobody thinks of it when they hear "Monsterbank" and is thus sharpening its positioning as a regional cooperative bank.

Responsible at Bank Thalwil Genossenschaft: Beat Ruch (Head of Marketing & Communications, Member of the Extended Executive Board). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf, Danielle Knecht Lanz (Creative Direction), Markus Ruf (Text), Mario Moosbrugger (Art Direction), Armin Arnold (DTP), Gian Marco Juon (Consulting).

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