Nagra campaign is Capture Media "Campaign of the Month" October

The engagement campaign for Nagra's magazine of the century was named "Campaign of the Month" in October by Capture Media.

Since September, the engagement campaign of the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste Nagra has been achieving top results, which is why it has now been awarded "Campaign of the Month" by Capture Media.

The relevance of the topic and the effectiveness of the media playout were recognized, the company writes in a press release. The media playout underlines the fact that complex content can be communicated in an interesting way and reach a broad audience with progressive digital measures.

The five-part film series, which is hosted on YouTube and available on presented in the style of a streaming portal, deals with the Nördlich Lägern region's confrontation with Nagra's site proposal for the Swiss deep geological repository in a sensitive and direct way. Under the title "A journey into the future", the municipal presidents of the region are accompanied to Finland, where they inspect the world's first deep geological repository. The storytelling was taken up by the application and the individual episodes were played out tactically - with success, as Capture Media writes with reference to the key performance indicators. The advertising delivery focused on engagement generated over 15,000 visits to the campaign page within a very short time.

The average duration of activity of over four minutes per visit shows a high level of involvement on the part of the target group and underlines the attractiveness of the content and the quality of the digital advertising measures used, Capture Media continued.

The YouTube mini-series has been viewed over 35,000 times to date. This demonstrates the effectiveness of storytelling as part of the project of the century. Since the announcement of the site proposal in September 2022, Nagra's online magazine "500m+" has also generated an audience of over 50,000 reusable visitors (profiles).

The ad engagement campaign used innovative interaction and measurement techniques to generate attention and convey a complex topic in an easily understandable way. The series in the style of a streaming platform acted as a key tool for informing the public about the current status of work on Switzerland's project of the century.

Responsible at Nagra: Patrick Studer (Head of Communications). Responsible at Capture Media: Sandro Albin (Managing Partner); Valeska Pedrett (Digital & Analytics Coordinator); overall responsibility Adrian Schräder (owner Schroten), digital conception Adrian Huwyler (Senior Consultant) Films: Mattogrosso; Website programming: Cubera Solutions.

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