Zürich Tourism is advertising with Kevin & Co. this Christmas.

Kevin, the Grinch and John McClane: Timeless Christmas classics provide the inspiration for Tasty Pictures' new Christmas campaign for Zürich Tourism this year.

Zürich Tourism is unveiling its latest Christmas campaign: it comprises three commercials based on timeless Christmas classics, which are intended not only to spread a pinch of nostalgia, but also the anticipation of a magical Zurich. With a humorous touch, the films invite you to discover the winter highlights of the city of Zurich alongside Kevin, the Grinch and John McClane.

The idea came from Zürich Tourism. The concept, developed by director Flo Winkler in collaboration with Tasty Pictures, stages the diversity of the city of Zurich in an entertaining way and thrives on the recognition of the protagonists with a contemporary reference.

The films have been available to watch on various online platforms and as pre-rolls on Netflix in Germany, the UK, France and Italy since the beginning of December.

Responsible at Zürich Tourism: Sabrina Bründler, Nhi Pham, Gretta Bott, Guxim Shoshaj, Janine Rupf, Nathalie Lüthi. Responsible at Tasty Pictures: Pascal Duschletta (Creative Producer), Lea Fee (Executive Producer), Florian Winkler (Director), Marco Frei (DOP), Sebastian Geret (Steadycam), UKO (Audio Post), Südlicht (VFX), Patrice Gerber (Animation), Simon Hardegger (Colorist), Luca Colaci (Composer), SiR MaRY (Distribution).

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