NZZ launches generational subscription with Christmas ad

The NZZ's generational subscription aims to build a bridge between younger and older readers. In a video spot designed for the Christmas season, Marty-Trezzini shows that the NZZ is as much a part of the family as the Christmas story on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas campaign is intended to emphasize the importance of the NZZ at the center. It invites you to Subscription to the NZZ to pass on to future generations and thus keep the tradition of family discussions about current affairs alive.

The campaign was developed by the Internal Creation team of the NZZ and adapted for the moving image by the Marty-Trezzini agency. The Christmas spot shows a grandfather supposedly reading a Christmas story to his grandchildren and family. While the text read aloud does indeed sound like a fairy tale at the beginning, it only becomes clear when the recording is zoomed out that the grandfather is not reading a book, but the NZZ in his hand - and is not reading a Christmas story, but an article from the science section.

The commercial will be shown throughout the month of December in the "Frame" cinema and on various social media channels. It forms the centerpiece of a large-scale generational campaign.

"With this spot, we want to emphasize the outstanding role of the NZZ emotionally for generations of younger and older readers. The branding and revenue team demonstrated an incredible team effort from the campaign idea to the playout," says Andreas Gysler, Head Customer Revenue at the NZZ.

Responsible at the NZZ: Claudine Caviezel (Awareness and Campaigns), Pascal Malici (Revenue Management), Nina Hildebrand (Concept and Text), Anita Gluderer (Concept and Graphics), Olivia Blum (Graphics), Kerstin Heidrich (Graphics), Andreas Gysler (Head Customer Revenue), Johannes Berchtold (Head Customer Marketing & Branding). Responsible at Marty-Trezzini: Yves Marty (Director), Gianluca Trezzini (Producer), Tim Rüegg (DOP), Emil Maeder (AC), Romina Häner (Styling), Francesca Kleinstück (Set Design), Manuela Porcelli (Hair & Make Up), Marysol Fernandez (Casting).

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