TBWA\ Zurich: McDonald's Switzerland is the first country to have individual Chicken McNuggets

McDonald's and TBWA\ Zurich are launching the "Chicken McNuggets of Love" in a new campaign - and solving a problem: because there is always a fight over the last nugget, you can now buy them individually for a short time.

Ever since Chicken McNuggets were launched exactly 40 years ago, one question has been almost certain: who will get the last nugget? The reason behind it: Often the Chicken McNuggets in the packet cannot be distributed appropriately among the number of people at the table. According to TBWA\ Zurich, the problem has a name among mathematicians: the Chicken McNuggets theorem. On the web and on social media, fans calculate that it was previously impossible to order a certain number of McNuggets, such as seven or eleven.


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Even in professional circles and at universities the Chicken McNuggets are used to discuss mathematical challenges in the field of number theory. Just in time for its 40th anniversary, McDonald's is now proving that it is aware of the problem. And in a Switzerland-wide teaser campaign, it shows that not every number of nuggets fits every number of people.

TBWA solves the problem

But it doesn't stop there. From December 5, TBWA\ Zurich is solving the problem for all nugget lovers - and it's very simple: McDonald's Switzerland is the first country in the world to offer individual Chicken McNuggets. However, the "Chicken McNugget of Love" is only available for a short time.

"With the Chicken McNugget of Love, we are listening to our fans. Because sharing is an important part of our food culture, we don't want anyone to miss out. And with individual Chicken McNuggets, everyone can now order exactly the number of Chicken McNuggets they need for perfect sharing with friends or family," says Severine Caspard, Food Marketing Manager at McDonald's Switzerland. The Chicken McNuggets of Love are now available in every McDonald's in Switzerland.

Responsible at McDonald's Switzerland: David Smadja, Jean-Guillaume Bertola (Chief Marketing Officer), Severine Caspard (Marketing Manager), Morgane Zillweger (Marketing Manager). Responsible at TBWA\ Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Reto Clement, Mathias Bart, Pedro Velasquez, Cosima Pereira Köster, Davide Schenker, Mark Levay (creation), Maryna Pavilchkova, Julia Kerschbaumer, Marcel Mägerle (consulting), Domenico Catena (Senior Video Producer), Agnes Meier (Head of Production), Toni Rubera, Noemi Rubera (DTP), Michelle Steinauer, Lucas Germann, Anouk Schädler, Margaux Bazarganpour, Peter Grychnik-Zbronski (TBWA Buzz). Responsible at Markenfilm Switzerland: Harald Zwart (Director), Florian Studer (Producer), Simon Drescher (DOP), Peer-Arne Sveistrup (Editor). Music: Mokoh Music Berlin. Audio: Jingle Jungle Zurich. Media: OMD Switzerland.


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