Bernmobil with new employer campaign from Emarket

In collaboration with the Emarket agency, Bernmobil has launched an employer campaign aimed at highlighting the diversity of professional worlds within the company and attracting talent from a wide range of professions.

Together with the Emarket agency, Bernmobil has launched a large-scale employer campaign aimed at presenting the various facets of job profiles at Bernmobil in an authentic way. Bernmobil has more than 80 different job profiles, all of which contribute to ensuring the smooth operation of the company.

The challenge for Emarket was to develop a campaign that reflected the diversity of job profiles and offered authentic insights into the company's day-to-day operations. The key visuals developed should capture real moments and not appear staged. The result was three key visuals that emphasize the close cooperation and interaction between the 1,100 employees.

Focus on employees

"The campaign aims to focus on Bernmobil's employees and emphasize their importance for the smooth running of the company. We want to show that Bernmobil works like a perfectly coordinated cogwheel in which every single person plays an important role," says Barbara Meyer, Head of Human Resources at Bernmobil.

The campaign was played out across various media channels, including digital and analog outdoor advertising, social media, print and online media as well as rear advertising on three Bernmobil buses. With success: the impact of the campaign was not only reflected in an increase in employer awareness of Bernmobil, but also in a significant increase in visits to the company's job page.

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