Spinas Civil Voices for Solidarmed: Health is teamwork

For the current campaign "You are everything for Team Health", Spinas Civil Voices for Solidarmed gets to the heart of the team concept in a donor-centered way, speaks directly to people in Switzerland and shows how it works.

Anyone who is ill needs support. Especially when medical care is a day's journey away. That is why Solidarmed forms a team with donors from Switzerland and local people. This makes it possible to get well and stay well, even in the most remote corners of southern Africa.

From setting up maternity wards and mobile clinics to training local nursing staff - all of this is only possible because one important person is involved in Team Health: the donor.

The multi-year campaign is the result of a strategy process in which Solidarmed opted for the positioning "Being there. Because health needs teamwork.". The campaign runs with constantly changing storytelling on online banners, social media ads and DOOH screens. The direct mailings for the acquisition of new donors, also designed and realized by Spinas Civil Voices, also pick up on this theme.

Responsible at Solidarmed: Christian Heuss (Fundraising and Communication), Pierina Maibach (Fundraising and Communication), Lucy Kormann (Private Donations), Sidonie Spörri (Digital Marketing & Fundraising), René Sager (Design and Communication), Olivier Brandenberg (Image), Sergio Beti (Image Processing/Lithography). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Susi Kammergruber, Steph Huwiler (CD), Heinz Helle, Eva Wirth (text), Nicolas Stark, Soraya Janser (art direction), Conny Geibel (consulting).

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