Serviceplan Suisse with recruiting campaign for R. Nussbaum

Serviceplan Suisse's employer branding campaign for R. Nussbaum takes a look behind the scenes - and shows how meaningful the open jobs at the family-owned company are.

The "war of talent" has also hit the sanitary and heating technology sector. Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified staff for their vacancies - including the long-established family business R. Nussbaum from Olten. Serviceplan Suisse AG has developed an employer branding campaign to highlight the company as an attractive employer on the job market. In this campaign, Nussbaum is presented as an employer that not only offers potential employees great working conditions, but also meaningful jobs.

Online film as the centerpiece

After all, Nussbaum ensures that clean drinking water flows in buildings and households throughout Switzerland. At the heart of the campaign is an online film that dramatizes this core service - and at the same time provides an insight into the day-to-day work and the various departments at Nussbaum. The shoot was correspondingly time-consuming: filming took place at several locations over four days until everything was in the can.

With the exception of the tenor in the shower, all the roles in the film were played by Nussbaum employees. In addition to the online film and online ads, print visuals were also created, which were placed in trade magazines and used on other advertising materials. As part of this campaign, Serviceplan Suisse AG also revised Nussbaum's job website and developed a new concept for the job advertisements. The aim is for Nussbaum to find as many new employees as quickly as possible who are looking for a meaningful job and good working conditions.

Responsible at Nussbaum: Daniel Bader (Head of Marketing Communications and PR), Petra Childs (Head of HR), Ivana Covella (Team Leader Marketing Communications and PR), Claudia Schwarzer (Project Manager), Melanie Aebi ( Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse AG: Marcin Baba (Executive Creative Director), Peter Liptak (Text), Thomas Müller, Nadja Tandler, Carina Kienzle (Art Direction), Edi Walker, Nicole Grogg (Consulting), Barbara Häne, Denise Goldmann (Realization) Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (Overall responsibility). Responsible at VJii Productions: Sébastien Kühne (director), Daniel Cano (creative director), Fabian Caviola (DoP), Philip Schaub (photography).

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