Zimmermann shows the advantages of the ZVV app

Zimmermann Communications' campaign approach aims to raise the profile of ZVV's digital channels by communicating the benefits of the ZVV app.

With the variably applicable campaign claim "Häsch d'App, häsch...", the advantages of the ZVV app as a whole as well as individual channel features can be pushed, promotions supported and new products, such as the current market test "ZVV-Bonus", advertised under the campaign umbrella.

The campaign is based on six 15-second commercials that were designed and implemented specifically for online and social media. For offline advertising, six additional print subjects were realized, which are used on hanging boxes and window stickers in streetcars and buses as well as on F200 posters.

The basic campaign with four images to promote the benefits of the ZVV app has been running since the end of October. From the end of November, the subjects will follow specifically to publicize the new "ZVV bonus".

Responsible for Zürcher Verkehrsbund ZVV: Peter Schilde (Marketing Communications); Pascal Rechsteiner (Head of Strategic Business Areas); Corinne Boner (Head of Strategic Business Area Regular Customers). Responsible for Zimmermann Communications: Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction); Lara Cavelti (Project Management); Julia Hofmann (Art Direction); Sonja Zimmerli (Art Direction); Rolf Zimmermann (Overall Responsibility). Production: Studio Nord, Nadja von Burg (director, production); Valentin Kathriner (director, camera, post-production).

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