Ogilvy and Fien catch potential career starters

The southern German construction company Fien is snapping up the most motivated Gen Z apprentices - with the help of a recruiting campaign from the Zurich agency Ogilvy.

Despite good arguments, it is not easy for the construction industry to find the right young talent. In order to arouse the interest of GenZ, the focus of the communication was therefore not on career benefits, but on humor.

To target young people, Ogilvy designed a recruitment campaign for Fien Bauunternehmen that humorously addresses a nuisance in the construction industry: Teenagers who, out of youthful recklessness, steal construction site equipment late at night. Instead of getting upset about it, Fien uses this fact as an insight - and recruits potential career entrants. Apparently, they are so interested in construction equipment in their free time that they prefer to take it straight to their "home office". In the opinion of Fien and Ogilvy, those who are so committed are a good fit for the company.

In its implementation, the campaign shows surveillance footage of young people stealing construction site equipment - a crime that Fien now sees not as theft, but as a promotional video. And as a merchandising give-away, expenses are deducted. This is followed by a call to apply directly to Fien online for open apprenticeships.

The campaign can now be seen in the German-Swiss border region: As mugshots on posters and flyers and as a surveillance video on digital posters and social media.

Responsible at Fien Bauunternehmen: Jürgen Fien. Responsible at Ogilvy: Vincent Geller, Jehmsei Keo (concept, text), Dilay Bön, Gabriel Schuster (concept, art), Denis Klook (motion design), Bruce Roberts (executive creative director), Sarah Handschin (consulting), Christine Rainford, Jonathan Schipper (overall responsibility), Christian Bobst (photographer).

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