Agency at the airport puts Störi in the right light

Störi brings lyz mirror technology to Switzerland. To publicize this technology, the agency is launching a comprehensive advertising campaign at the airport.

When you look in the mirror, you want to see yourself - whether you're in a hotel, getting dressed up at home or trying on clothes in a clothes store. The main problem is often the wrong light. Störi Licht wants to remedy this by importing lyz mirrors from Germany to Switzerland. These can simulate different lighting moods even in very dark corners of a room.

In order to communicate this in both the B2B and B2C markets, Störi Licht commissioned an integrated campaign from the Agentur am Flughafen in St. Gallen.

From now on and until further notice, Störi will be promoted with an advertising campaign as well as banners, direct mailings, a microsite and PR.

Responsible at Störi Licht: Peter Schwarber (CEO). Responsible at agency at the airport: Max Eugster (overall responsibility), René Eugster (Creative Direction), Wilko Nuber (Art Direction), Katie Eugster (Art Direction Interactive) Elia Vogt (Graphics), Andrin Zürcher (Text).

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