Sir Mary for Yallo: Retro look as an eye-catcher for Black Friday

On Black Friday, telco providers outdo each other with cheap discounts. What can you do to make sure you don't get lost as a brand? Sir Mary goes for a 90s look for Yallo that is familiar from old computer games.

For Yallo, Sir Mary has packed the metaphorical hunt for the best Black Friday deals into a look with recognition value: this year's Black Friday campaign is set in an 8-bit game world reminiscent of the iconic jump-and-run video games of the 90s. In the commercial, the game hero collects upgrades for his mobile subscription - and ultimately defeats the evil, non-discounted subscription price aka boss.

The campaign will be played out as a TV commercial, on YouTube and on all digital and social media channels. The main measures are flanked by a performance strand in the form of banner and display ads as well as out-of-home advertising media.

Responsible at Sunrise/Yallo: Stefan Fuchs (Executive Director Flanker Brands), André Hodel (Senior Director Customer Growth & Brand), Maike Büchler (Senior Marketing & Communications Manager), Mariangela Coco (Senior Director Online Marketing), Chiara Seregni (Senior Digital Marketing Manager), Alexia Romney (Web and Multimedia Designer). Responsible at Sir Mary: Adrian Merz (Executive Creative Director), Leandro Disler (Art Director), Jodok Meier (Copywriter), Gaston Filippo (Senior Art Director), Johnny Grubenmann (Senior Copywriter), Torben Cording (Senior Art Director), Florian Birkner (Senior Copywriter), Nadine Treml (Senior Account Manager), Daniel Zuberbühler (Managing Partner). Responsible at Doity: Sascha Pollack (Executive Producer), Björn Dunne (Post Supervisor), Artur Fast (Illustration), Sebastian Tomczak (Animation), Staub Audio (Sound Design). Responsible at Webrepublic: Julia Treudler (Head of Account Management), Julia Lauper (Account Manager), Jill Rodenrijs (Senior Consultant Social Media), Yuriy Ostrovskyi (Campaign Manager Programmatic), Niamh Manning (Consultant SEA). Responsible at Mediatonic: Cédric Zwicky (Media Consultant).


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