Rod Kommunikation: Postfinance puts Switzerland on ice

Postfinance is expanding its involvement in Swiss ice hockey to include the Women's League and wants to set an example for equality. Rod Kommunikation is providing support with a new claim and a multi-channel campaign for young ice hockey talent.

In addition to the National League, Postfinance is also the main and naming rights partner of the Postfinance Women's League. The company now wants to publicize this commitment to Swiss ice hockey more strongly and is communicating this with the campaign slogan "We put Switzerland on the ice".

Because everyone who loves ice hockey should benefit from Postfinance's commitment. One thing remains unchanged: the young up-and-coming players are still the stars of ice hockey communication. They emulate their role models and lend the message a dose of authenticity, even if they are still a little awkward at times.

These can be seen as TV commercials and billboards, as digital advertising media on social media, as display ads, as print ads and in various branding measures in Switzerland's ice hockey stadiums.

Responsible at Postfinance: Sarah Brunner (Head of Brand Management & Sponsoring), Andrea Fischer (Project Manager Ice Hockey Sponsoring), Fabian Kupferschmid (Manager Sponsoring & Events), Fabienne Gotteret (Brand Manager). Overall responsibility for conception, creation and realization: Rod Kommunikation; Film production: Hillton AG, Director: Natascha Vavrina, Executive Producer: Mona Bertschinger, DoP: Sven Probst; Photography: Yumna Al-Arashi; Media: Havas Media - Offline, WebRepublic.


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