Just Eat Switzerland launches campaign with Christina Aguilera and Latto

The delivery service Just Eat is launching a new campaign based on the global 360-degree campaign "Did Somebody Say Just Eat".

The Swiss delivery market leader Just Eat is launching its new multi-channel campaign "Dänksch au grad a Just Eat" today, based on the global 360-degree campaign "Did Somebody Say Just Eat". In it, Christina Aguilera (5 Grammys, 21 Grammy nominations and 27 Billboard Music Awards) and Latto (Best Female Hip Hop Artist 2023) sing the praises of the diverse range on the Just Eat ordering platform.

The campaign includes TV spots of 20 and 30 seconds, out-of-home advertising, YouTube spots and various activations on social media (Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook).

Building on the global success of the campaigns with Snoop Dogg (for Just Eat UK) and Katy Perry, the latest creation also provides entertainment with a strong visual and musical production. In elaborate and glamorous costumes, Christina and Latto make their way through the extravagant palace setting as pompous opera singers.

The well-known, orange-branded Just Eat drivers supply the two superstars with their favorite dishes, including tacos, poke bowls and sushi. The song lyrics underline the constantly evolving range on offer at Just Eat: There's not just "burgers and fries" here, but "more flavors than you tasted or you heard in your life".

At the same time, alongside traditional ordering moments such as brunch, lunch or dinner, the growing demand for on-demand orders is also being addressed. The delivery of food outside of traditional ordering times is one of the strategic pillars of Just Eat ("Empowering everyday convenience").

The complete Just Eat commercial can be seen from today, November 20, 2023 on all relevant TV channels and on YouTube.


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