Geyst for Val Surses: dreaming of winter vacations

Together with the Filmgerberei, Geyst stages the annual escape from the gray winter season in the lowlands. A dream of sunny winter vacations is conjured up in the head cinema to dramatize the proximity to the Grisons mountain valley.

Screenshot; Vimeo.

Winter vacations in Val Surses should be promoted as a relaxing retreat during the gray season in the lowlands. Geyst has now launched a new campaign for this purpose. The claim: "Don't just dream of winter vacations", because you are already "So close to another world". The comparatively short distance to the Graubünden mountain valley as well as the offer should invite you to make your dreams come true.

Winter vacation in the head cinema

Who doesn't sometimes lose themselves in thoughts of sunny winter days on the slopes while working in the office, on business trips or commuting? The three central spots of the campaign exaggerate this moment by having the protagonists handle out-of-place winter sports objects in an everyday situation. The brief irritation for the viewer is followed by visually stunning sequences from the winter idyll of Val Surses, which are intended to inspire people to put their longing into action.

Geyst realized the commercials together with the production company Filmgerberei. The agency Capture Media was brought on board for the digital campaign.

Client: TSBA/Val Surses, Tanja Amacher, Luana Tscharner. Concept and design: Geyst AG, Sebastian Durband, Marina Hafner, Reto Odermatt, Johannes Just. Production: Filmgerberei GmbH, Marike Loehr, Silvio Gerber, Alun Meyerhans, Lea Filadoro. Media: Capture Media AG, Sandro Albin, Leona Zerr, Diego Unternährer.

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