Migros Christmas campaign: Wirz celebrates the comeback of Finn the elf

Migros also wants to make dreams come true at Christmas in 2023. As part of the current campaign, Wirz is once again focusing on the little elf Finn after a four-year break.

Lorenz Clormann (left) and Livio Dainese from Wirz together with elf Finn. (Picture: zVg.)

Over the past few days, a first teaser film has already caused speculation in the Migros community. Now comes the certainty: Migros and Wirz bring Finn the elf back together. His first two films went viral and touched millions of people around the world. After that, the elf went quiet. Nevertheless, fans are still asking for another Christmas story with Finn. This wish is now being fulfilled.

"At Christmas, we don't just want to tell a nice story, we want to remind people how important it is to be there for each other," says Giovanna Colucci, Senior Project Manager at Migros. "And that's what we're doing this year with the little elf Finn, who does everything he can to fulfill a little girl's dream."

"In the story, the empathetic Finn immediately recognizes that the girl's seemingly small wish means the whole world to her. And immediately shows that anyone really can make a big difference in the lives of their fellow human beings - even a little gnome," explains Lorenz Clormann, Executive Creative Director at Wirz.

The motto of this year's campaign is "Let's make dreams come true". On the Christmas platform - created in collaboration with the agency Mutabor - people from their own environment can be nominated from Sunday, for whom they want to fulfill a dream together with Migros. The dream categories include a long-awaited trip, new furniture for the children's room, cultural events and much more. Migros will review the suggestions and then make as many dreams come true as possible.

Finn not only plays the leading role in the TV and online film, but also appears in other channels. Six short online films with Finn lead into the Christmas world of Migros on the Christmas hub and are intended to whet the appetite for Christmas. Finn underlines Migros' product range expertise in specially produced DOOH activations. With extra content on social media and TikTok, the Migros gnome creates a Christmassy atmosphere and lots of Christmas moments during the Advent season. The elf can also be discovered on POP and on display ads.

The campaign can now be seen throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Giovanna Colucci, Désirée Strassmann (Umbrella Brand Campaigning), Nuria Grab, Marta Mielcarek, Fabienne Kübler, Corina Edler, Céline Jagisch, Joelle Meier (Sales Promotions Campaigning), Tanja Krause (Digital Campaigning & Promotions), Simone Blaser, Christian Keller, Patrick Blum Dominik von Büren (Media), Nicole di Natale, Marlies Seifert (Migros Engagement), Thomas Blumer (Social Media). Responsible at Wirz Group: Livio Dainese, Lorenz Clormann, Jan Kempter, Marcus Josty, Jannic Mascello, Florian Siegrist, Adrian Busse, Laura Starace, Elena Knecht, Tim Lieberherr, Lana Zumbrunnen, David Offermann, Julia Mutter, Laura Schädler, Michelle Grieder, Julia Ewers, Marleen Diener, Ruwanie Hayoz, Naomi Meran, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Corinne Räber, Sonja Jegen, Oliver Fäs, Rahel Signer. Responsible at Stories (film production): Jake Scott (Director), Garfield Kempton (Producer RSA), Ahmet Hüsseyin (Director of Photography), Michèle Seligmann, Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Louis von Mallinckrodt (Producer), Edoardo Moruzzi (Head of Post Production), Reto Trösch (Production Designer), Damaris Eigenheer (Costume Deisgner), Katerina Carambellas (Hair & Make-Up Artist). Cast: Neah Hefti - Hero Girl, Jack Wilkonson - Father, LaToya Harding - Store Manager. Responsible at Passion Pictures London (Animation & CGI)Kyra Buschor, Constantin Paeplow (Animation Director), Anna Cunnington (Executive Producer), Juliette Stern (Head of Production), Rick Bland (Line-Producer), Luke Youngman (Line-Producer), Gus Herdman (Editor TRIM), Christina Conradi (Editor), Denny Cooper (Colorist Unit). Responsible at Sizzer (music and composition)Sander van Maarschalkerweerd (Executive Music Supervisor), Michiel Marsman (Executive Creative Director), Peter Jelle Idzenga (Music Producer), Richard Aardenburg (Music Supervisor): Audio Postproduction, Sound Design, Mix & Music: Jingle Jungle Studio. Responsible at Mutabor Technologies: Jennifer Michalla, Anja Reimers, Hoang-Vu Luu, Leonie Lange. Responsible at Apps with love: Eduard Zielke, Andrea Zeller, Heinrik Hakobyan, Kajetan Som, Wojciech Najma, Matthias Tschanz, Deni Terzic, Marko Gracin, Magdalena Nuckowska, Monika Sokol. Media: Dynamo Team, Dentsu Switzerland.

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