Fineness and KÖV show why public transport is often the better choice

"Da gits nu im ÖV": For the "Mein Schaffhauser ÖV" campaign, Feinheit was commissioned by the Public Transport Coordination Office of the Canton of Schaffhausen to showcase the advantages of public transport in a fresh and tongue-in-cheek way.

The canton of Schaffhausen has a well-developed public transport system. With a networked campaign, the Public Transport Coordination Office (KÖV) wants to ensure that more people make use of this service.

Activation measures such as discounted half-fare travelcards for new customers or trial day passes are intended to lower the inhibition threshold for using public transport. At the same time, a campaign in public spaces should raise awareness of the services and benefits of public transport.

The campaign runs under the umbrella of "My Schaffhausen public transport" and is designed for the longer term. Several subjects show everyday situations that are only possible on public transport: the father of a family reading stories to his children on the way; the cantonal student learning vocabulary on the way to school in the morning; the young climate activist striking up a conversation with the man in a suit; the elderly couple dreamily riding home from a concert on the bus. In combination with the slogan "Da gits nu im ÖV", these snapshots are intended to create a positive image of public transport.

The campaign has been displayed on posters throughout the canton of Schaffhausen since Monday. Advertisements are also being placed in local newspapers and online on regional news portals.

Responsible at KÖV: René Meyer (management), Mark Stutz, Nina Müller, Ingo Schneider. Responsible for fineness: Carmen Schoder, Michael Sorg (co-project management, concept, text), Catriona Paffhausen (art direction, concept), Alexandra Theiler (art direction), Catherine Pearson (layout). Production: Simon Habegger (photography), Tasty Pictures / Lea Fee and Pascal Duschletta (production).

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