How Publicis and Save the Children put hunger in the spotlight

The new campaign by Save the Children and Publicis Zurich brings hunger to life in an impressive way: what appears to be food content turns out to be stones.

Due to the current combination of rising food costs, climate-related weather extremes and armed conflicts, the global hunger crisis is at a record level. Even in 2023, there are no signs of it abating. At the end of 2022, 258 million people in 58 countries were affected by acute food insecurity.

This global hunger crisis is destroying children's lives. With the new campaign, Save the Children wants to draw attention to the hunger of children in need. The aim is to raise awareness of the global hunger crisis and to generate donations that will benefit children in emergency situations.

After Save the Children Switzerland developed the value proposition and positioning with Publicis Zurich and thus laid the strategic foundations for communication in the coming years, this is now being translated into a fundraising campaign for the first time. The four campaign subjects - bread, bacon, chocolate and grapefruit - look like classic food subjects, but only turn out to be what they are at second glance: Stones. By whetting the appetite of the viewer, the creative illusion conveys in an irritating way what happens to children who suffer from hunger.

Gemstones from different continents

Gemstones from different continents were used for the campaign subjects, which are as reminiscent of food as possible and thus enable the trompe-l'œil. The campaign has been on display on posters, digital out-of-homes and online advertising media in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland since October 23.

Responsible at Save the Children Switzerland: Lea Bachmann, Pia Lieberherr, Anouk Batt, Tanja Jablanovic. Responsible at Publicis Zurich: David Voges (concept), Cedric Fuchs, Maaike Fortujin (art direction), David Luebke (CD text), Rob Hartmann (ECD), Cathy Nyffenegger, Lea Zaydowicz (consulting), Matthias Koller (overall responsibility), Prodigious (post-production), Oliver Nanzig (photographer).

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