Jung von Matt Limmat for Child Protection Switzerland: There is always an alternative

Too many children still experience psychological or physical violence in their upbringing. But: There is always an alternative. The current campaign by Child Protection Switzerland and Jung von Matt Limmat draws attention to this.

Psychological and physical violence is a reality in family households in Switzerland. This is shown by the latest results of a study by the University of Fribourg on the frequency of violence in parenting.

But there is always an alternative to violence. Child Protection Switzerland is politically engaged and also actively contributes to the transfer of knowledge and thus to the solution of the problem. One possible solution is Emmo: In conflict situations, children's feelings and needs are sometimes not seen, or they are not properly understood. Emmo, the plush monster, is intended to give a voice to children who do not find the courage or the right words in difficult situations.

A simple alternative

In the current campaign, Jung von Matt Limmat and Child Protection Switzerland show that Emmo is a simple alternative to violence. The centerpiece of the campaign is a digital spot that uses Emmo's colors to illustrate the traumatization caused by experiences of violence. A language potpourri is used on the soundtrack. This additionally underlines the fact that conflicts occur in every Swiss household.

"Children are at the mercy of adults' emotions in such situations. They overwhelm them and leave them defenseless against their parents who can't control themselves. That's why Emmo exists. Emmo gives children a voice and lets them recognize emotional situations before they escalate," says Tamara Parham from Child Protection Switzerland about the current campaign.

The campaign launches on Tuesday together with the national conference "gewaltfrei erziehen" and will be placed throughout Switzerland in digital, moving image and OOH in a language-neutral manner. The Jung-von-Matt agency June Corporate Communications is responsible for the media work.

The plush figure Emmo is on Childprotection.ch available.

Responsible at Child Protection Switzerland: Tamara Parham (Head of Communications), Matea Petrovic (Communications Specialist). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Jessica Gözoglu (Text), Jan Theus (Art Direction), Nick Schoberth, Katja Klee, Tina Mons (Consulting), Sarah Schmidt, Natascha Imfeld (Agency Producing), Annette Häcki (Managing Creative Director), Luitgard Hagl (Managing Creative Director and Agency Lead). Responsible at June Corporate Communications: Nathalie Eggen, Raffaela Ackermann, Melanie Kälin (PR). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact: Gabriela Oetliker, Carina Müller (Media). External partners:inside: Mirjam and Lukas Fröhlich (direction and photography), Timon Schäppi (DoP) Shining Film, Nathalie Maibach, Stefan Girtanner (film production), blish (prepress), Setaprint (printing).

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