Eyeloveyou looks to the future for the FHNW

Nothing works without technology and computer science. The new claim for the University of Applied Sciences FHNW is straightforward and pictorial for the visual character of the new 360-degree campaign "Blackout" penned by Eyeloveyou.

The specializations at the FHNW School of Engineering enable students to study at the interface between people, technology and the environment. The current campaign attracts attention by showing what happens when the skilled workers are absent and a "blackout" occurs. Strategically, conceptually and design-wise, the campaign is intended to achieve maximum impact based on clear minimalism.

Close to the target group

The campaign takes place where the target group of tech-savvy young adults spends time: On the web, at schools and on public transport. With the regionally played out subjects, attention can be drawn precisely to the exciting courses of study and invitations to the information days can be sent out.

Responsible at the Hochschule für Technik FHNW: Sascha Runser (Head of Marketing and Communications). Responsible at Eyeloveyou: Rafael Dietschy (concept, creation), Benedikt Lachenmeier (text), Martin Sautter, Alain Fiechter (animation), Zoe Bensmann, Veronica Cartillone (consulting), TWMedia (media).

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