FOPH Covid vaccination campaign targets those at risk

The Federal Office of Public Health FOPH is targeting particularly vulnerable people in its fall covid vaccination campaign. They can become seriously ill and their immune protection is most likely to decline. The FOPH also recommends the flu vaccination to high-risk individuals.

(Pictures: BAG)

For this group of people at increased risk of complications from both infections, the federal agency is launching a targeted, nationwide Vaccinate Against Influenza and Covid-19 Campaign. It starts on Monday and lasts until November 19, according to the FOPH.

The corresponding notices appear in various magazines, on screens and online in the environment of health topics. People over 65 years of age and people with pre-existing conditions are to be addressed.

Almost all persons in Switzerland have already come into contact with the coronavirus and their immune system has come to grips with the virus. In persons without risk factors, the current virus variants tend to cause mild courses of the disease. However, those who are particularly at risk have an increased risk of a severe course.

The flu is also not always harmless. It can sometimes lead to serious complications. The annual flu vaccination protects against this, as the FOPH wrote. It is also recommended for people with an increased risk of complications. (SDA)

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