Ewz: green heat is in our hands

Heating is greener than you think. To kick off the colder days, Ewz is drawing attention to the fact that the environmentally friendly heating networks in Zurich are being continuously expanded.

The time for oil, coal and gas is definitely running out. Today, the energy future of tomorrow is being built so that the city of Zurich can heat without CO2 emissions. The new heating networks use lake water, wastewater and sewage water for this purpose. To do this, a few degrees of temperature are extracted and the water is returned intact. Using heat exchangers, entire neighborhoods can be heated in an environmentally friendly way.

The poster campaign designed by Ruf Lanz is intended to show that we have to take these generational projects into our own hands - and do it now. Photographer Mirjam Kluka implemented the concept for the fall wave with models Andreas and Katherina, who were the most liked in the spring wave. "The market research showed over 80 percent likeability. We are pleased about that and it speaks for the fact that this is well received by 200,000 households in the city of Zurich," says Katrin Rüesch from Ewz.

Alongside this, a quiz with fun questions conveys the topic of green warmth in a playful way. The quiz is activated on hanging boxes in buses and streetcars, on Facebook and Instagram. It was developed with Brame's tool and brings an average of over 300 QR code scanners per week to join in and smile along.

Responsible at Ewz: Katrin Rüesch (Project Management), Pascal Schaub (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Visualeyes: Mirjam Kluka (photography), Katrin Lohmann (production). Responsible at Detail AG: Natalie Näpflin, Sarah Ochsner (composing, DTP), Eva Stocker, Phil Fuerst (production management).

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