"Your job like no other": Farner/Rod for Kapo Basel-Stadt

In the competitive job market, employers are vying for young talent with flexible working hours, remote working and further training opportunities, among other things. In the Farner and Rod recruitment campaign, the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police shows that the police profession also has a lot to offer in terms of modern working conditions - and yet is not a job like any other.

In their varied daily work, police officers ensure that Basel is the livable city we all love. To do this, however, they urgently need reinforcements: the current recruitment campaign of the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police aims to show young people the meaningfulness and attractiveness of the police profession and its role for the city.

At the same time, the campaign makes no secret of the obvious challenges of the profession, but addresses them openly with a wink: With scenes from everyday life on Basel's streets, the lively subjects put familiar buzzwords from everyday working life in the shade. For example, police officers also work 9-to-5 - simply at night. And they only know the daily grind from hearsay anyway.

The campaign was developed and implemented together with Rod Kommunikation under the direction of Farner Basel. It starts on Wednesday and can be seen and heard as DOOH, OOH, bus and streetcar advertising, on social media as well as Spotify and in-game ads in Basel-Stadt and the surrounding area.

Responsible at the cantonal police Basel-Stadt: Kim Feldmann (Head of Recruitment), Nu Thien Truc Ton (Human Resources Marketing), Charlotte Kabay Flück (Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development), Sandra Eberhard (Recruitment Specialist), Adrian Plachesi (Head of Communications). Conception, creation and realization: Farner Basel, Rod Communication. Photography: Noë Flum. Media: Freaky Swep. Recording studio: Oslo Studios.

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