Wunderman Thompson and BFE demonstrate the benefits of electric driving

With the "Drive with Electricity" initiative, Wunderman Thompson and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) are bringing the benefits of energy-efficient vehicles closer to the people of Switzerland. The focus is on electromobility. To pick up the various target groups at their actual needs, the campaign continues with selected partnerships.

What does electric driving feel like? How and where can I charge and how does payment work? The easiest way to find out is to borrow an electric car for a day. Mobility is a pioneer in car sharing and wants to drive 100 percent on electricity by 2030. That's why Mobility and "Drive with Electricity" are supporting each other to help people in Switzerland move forward with electric driving. In the video "A day with an electric car", you can find out in quick cuts how simple it is.

Soon, all Mobility e-cars will carry a "Drive with Electricity" sticker to make the partnership visible on the road in everyday life. The electric main character of the video is part of the V2X study on bidirectional charging, which Mobility is conducting together with partner companies and support from the SFOE. The goal is to find out how electric cars can help stabilize the power grid in the event of a power shortage.

Other videos will gradually be published via social media and explain technical terms such as recuperation or one-pedal driving in a simple way. Likewise the Glossary on electromobility, which was created in collaboration with Swiss eMobility.

How do you drive sustainably into the future? Can you reconcile family and electric car? And will it work out with relaxed vacations in an electric car? Swissmom supports people on the exciting journey of starting a family and in turbulent family life. Together with "Drive with Electricity," the platform now also provides advice on the topic of e-mobility.

Renters and leasers

Rental apartment and electric car? What can tenants and landlords do to make it work with the charging station at home? How can you drive with electricity from your own rooftop? These questions will become increasingly important in the future. That's why Homegate, the leading real estate marketplace, supports the "Drive with Electricity" initiative and the search for apartments with charging stations. Because sustainable mobility starts on your own doorstep.

Refueling is not charging. Sounds simple, but how does it work in everyday life and where is the best place to start? Together with Swiss eMobility, "Go with the flow" launched an animated video that was used on social media, on the website, and via screens in hair salons.

A dense charging network for e-cars throughout Switzerland is only possible if enough charging stations are also set up in rural areas. The Swiss energy service providers Agrola AG and Migrol AG are dedicated to this goal. They are expanding their network of fast-charging stations throughout Switzerland and operate them 100 percent with electricity from sustainable energy sources. Through this partnership, "Drive with Electricity" is now also taking off in rural areas.

In addition to the cooperation measures, the content on the Website The website is continuously supplemented with current information and relevant stories and promoted via the Always-On campaign and social media. Further cooperations and measures are planned.

Responsible at the Federal Office of Energy: Jean-Marc Geiser (project manager / mobility specialist), Viviane Winter (project manager / mobility specialist), Delphine Morlier (overall project manager). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Giselle Vaugne (Co-CEO), Valeska Kraus, Lara Fabbricatore, Joëlle Fraefel (Client Services), Marika Magnuszewska, Julia Staub, Julia Fuchs, Michael Lüthy, Samuel Wicki (Creation), Joëlle Seiler, Margarita Lagun, Linnea Lindberg (Social Media), Noëmi Campanile (Content), Felicia Aepli (Motion Design), Kim Prinzing (DTP). External partners: Noë Flum (photography and film), Rob Rauchfuss (animation).

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