Spina's Civil Voices: Self-determined until the end of life with Exit

It's not an easy topic that Spina's Civil Voices is taking to the public in a new campaign: it's about self-determination until the end of one's life.

"Who determines how I live and die?" Many people in Switzerland answer this question with a yes to self-determination.

With the new campaign, designed by Spina's Civil Voices and Rocket Film, Exit is also taking the organization's core theme to the public for the first time with a cinema spot.

The cinema and online spot accompanies a woman through the stages of a life in which she defies all voices of heteronomy and, at the end, speaks out resolutely for the possibility of a self-determined death. For the spot, Rocket Film and director Fariba Buchheim went deep into the image archives to find authentic footage from various decades.

The goals of the campaign are to strengthen Exit's issue leadership for self-determination in life and death, to raise awareness among the population, and thus to attract new members.

The campaign runs online with display ads and native ads. It is also being played out on DOOH screens and a sign-up card. The spot is currently running in selected arthouse cinemas.


Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Barbara Strahm, Beat Egger (creation), Tullio Tomasini (consulting). Responsible at Exit: Anita Fetz (Board Member Communications), Danièle Bersier (Media Spokesperson), Muriel Düby (Project Management), Bernhard Sutter (Management). Responsible at Rocket Film: Kerstin Reulen, Ricardo Colacurcio (Producer), Fariba Buchheim (Director), Manuel Lübbers (Camera), David Haisch (Talent Search), Marion Täschler (Animation), Martin Linka (Music, Sound Design), Jingle Jungle (Sound).

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