Rod Communication for Sustainable Switzerland: How AI sees the future

The Sustainable Switzerland initiative launched by the NZZ company shows what a sustainable future could look like in its campaign developed by Rod Kommunikation, which was created using artificial intelligence.

Together with leading partner companies from business and science, as well as everyone who wants to make a difference, the initiative is advancing sustainable development in Switzerland. And thus helps shape the future of our country.

For this campaign, an artificial intelligence imagines what this future could look like. From all the information it was able to gather on the web, it builds a fictitious sustainable future. Whether it will really look like this, however, is uncertain and is entirely in our hands. As part of Sustainable Switzerland, companies and individuals can together make an important contribution to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Switzerland kicks off with the three core topics Climate & Energy, Production & Consumption and Living Spaces and calls for reflection online, on social media, in print publications and selected TV placements.

Responsible at Sustainable Switzerland: Antonia Stickdorn (Stream Lead Marketing Communications), Simon Scherrer (Head Ecosystem Sustainable Switzerland), Pascal Kreder (Head NZZ Ecosystems & New Initiatives). Strategy, conception, creation and realization: Rod Kommunikation.



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