Ochsner Shoes launches first AI-generated image campaigns

Ochsner Shoes is also relying on the help of artificial intelligence in a new campaign that can be seen online and in stores. The AI-generated images show models in front of gigantic soap bubbles or in smoky volcanic landscapes.

Ochsner Shoes announces the launch of its latest image campaigns created using artificial intelligence (AI). The use of AI in fashion photography has revolutionized the creative world of Ochsner Shoes, enabling the brand to create unique visual experiences that spark the viewer's imagination and soften the boundaries with reality, according to a statement.

In the first campaign, the models are presented in an artificial set in front of smoky bubbles. AI technology was used to create a unique and futuristic backdrop for the photo shoots. The second campaign features models in volcanic landscapes surrounded by colored smoke. The images are designed to create a surreal and fascinating atmosphere that presents Ochsner Shoes shoes in a completely new light.

He said the use of AI in these campaigns not only expanded Ochsner Shoes' creativity, but also revolutionized the way visual content is created. "These projects show how technology and creativity can go hand in hand," said Claude Bucher, CEO of Ochsner Shoes.

Ochsner Shoes' new AI-generated campaigns will be presented on various platforms, including social media, and in Ochsner Shoes stores in the coming weeks.

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