Bold and Verfora take action against energy predators with Veractiv

Verfora's tormentors are getting a new addition: with an entertaining TV spot, conceived by Bold, and another sturgeon, the pharmaceutical specialist's latest campaign will be launched in the fall.

Everyday life can be a real drain on your strength. All the more so when fatigue hangs like a millstone on your leg. For the two new Verfora products "Veractiv Recharge" and "VeractivResist", fatigue is personified: In the form of an animated energy thief, the Müdus Schwerus.

The little wimp completes Verfora's family of pests. With Müdus Schwerus, Schnupfus Maximus, Reisus Krankus and Co once again receive reinforcement to challenge our health. The TV commercial reveals whether they are successful.

The Bern-based agency Bold is responsible for the concept, strategy and implementation of the campaign. The various DOOH, print, TV and online measures will be in use throughout Switzerland from mid-October.

Responsible at Verfora: Emmanuelle Giry (Head of Marketing), Christian Köhli (Marketing Manager), Stephanie Berkien (Brand Manager). Responsible agency: Bold. Production: Mike Huber (director), Chantal Gugger, Sören Schmidt (executive producer), Sven Pepeonik (camera), Alessandro Biffi (editor). Animation: Colorbleed, Our Colors (color grading), DubDub (sound design), Uko (audio).

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