Zimmermann Communications: increasing concentration with Gincosan

The Zimmermann Communications agency has designed and implemented an online campaign for the Gincosan product from Max Zeller Söhne.

The herbal medicine Gincosan with extracts of ginseng roots and ginkgo leaves is used against lack of concentration, memory and memory impairment.

To increase awareness of the product, especially among a younger and male target group, the online campaign is aimed in particular at men in college or further education, who often struggle with concentration problems and distractions.

Instead of advertising the classic medical indications on a pure text level, the campaign conceived and implemented by Zimmermann Communications relies on storytelling with emojis: the hooks are thought bubbles that illustrate how easy it is to suddenly land mentally from your desk on a distant beach.

The campaign has been running online and on social media since early October.

Responsible at Max Zeller Söhne: Kathrin Borner (Product Manager Commercial); Sarah Bussenius (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible for Zimmermann Communications: Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Julia Hofmann (Art Direction), Lara Cavelti (Project Management), Rolf Zimmermann (Overall Responsibility). Programming: Visual Fantastix.

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