Art.I.schock and the Greens are ready for the future

With the claim "Bock auf Zukunft," the Green Party of Switzerland wants to appeal to young people ahead of the upcoming federal elections. The campaign, designed by the Zurich agency Art.I.schock, aims to encourage first-time and young voters to go to the polls. It shows exuberant moments that people still want to experience in the future.

The national online and poster campaign is intended to send out a positive message. With snapshots in analog aesthetics by Zurich photographer Flavio Karrer, it calls on people to share their own moments that they still want to experience in the future. In this way, "Bock auf Zukunft" is not meant to come across in the classic face of political advertising, but nevertheless clearly fits in with the feeling of the entire Green election campaign.

In order to achieve as much authenticity as possible, the campaign worked with activists from the Young Greens. After a pre-campaign in the summer at selected festivals, the campaign with three subjects has been played out on social media since the beginning of September and also on billboards from October. At the start of the campaign, users were also able to design their own image in the campaign design and then share it on their own channels.

The campaign was conceived and implemented by the Zurich agency Art.I.schock. This agency also accompanies the election campaign of the Young Greens Switzerland as well as the Zurich candidates Bastien Girod (National Council) and Daniel Leupi (Council of States).

Responsible at the Green Party Switzerland: Giulia Schneitter (Head of Election Campaign), Rahel Estermann (Secretary General), Konradin Franzini (Responsible for Social Media). Responsible at Art.I.schock: Yannick Zryd, Yaël Weissmann (concept, consulting, project management), Florence Schaffter, Selina Meier (graphics). Photography: Flavio Karrer.

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