Jung von Matt Limmat and Coop answer pressing children's questions

Is it true that soon there will be no more bees? Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer. Especially when they come from a child - and concern the future of our planet. That's why children and their most pressing questions are at the center of Coop's and Jung von Matt Limmat's "Actions not Words" campaign 2023.

Our planet is facing challenges that we all need to address. And in doing so, it is not enough to just talk about what we are going to do. We must act today to have answers to the questions of tomorrow's generations. Our children and their questions are therefore also at the center of the latest "Actions not Words" campaign by Coop and Jung von Matt Limmat: Will there be no more bees in the future and therefore no more honey? Will it soon stop snowing? And why is there so much plastic floating in the sea?

With the extensive campaign, a platform was created to transport the sustainability commitments of "Deeds not Words" in a touching way - among other things within the framework of four TVCs and a comprehensive print campaign. Coop is thus closer than ever to sustainability-conscious consumers and their legitimate questions. The "Actions not Words" campaign is live nationwide in German, French and Italian.


Responsible at Coop: Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Luca Schwarz, (Head of Advertising Image/Proprietary Brands), Christof Braun (Project Manager Advertising Image/Proprietary Brands), Patrizia Sigg (Project Manager Advertising Image/Proprietary Brands), Florian Lanovic (Head of Social Media/Campaigning), Michel Bannier (Social Media/Campaigning), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Rieth (Head of Media Classic), Lukas Schmid (Senior Project Manager Digital Media); Salome Hofer (Head of Sustainability), Anna Crignola (Sustainability Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Jacqueline Rufener, Dominique Magnusson, (Creative Direction), Georg Scharl, Sophia Kramer (Text), Stephanie Lüscher, Natalie Friedrich, Hanning Beland, Nicole Vizcardo (Art Direction), Christian Omlin (Strategy), Natascha Imfeld (Agency Producing), Fiona Wishart, Sara Hirt (Consulting), Wolfgang Bark (Managing Creative Director), Luitgard Hagl (Managing Creative Director and Agency Lead). External Partner:s: Responsible at Rosas & Co Films: Producer: Nadia Rosasco (Production), Rogier Hesp (Direction). Responsible at blish: Chiara Killer, Roman Aebi (Media Realization), Jana Weber (Project Management). Responsible at Visualeyes Artists: Timmo Schreiber (photography), Janic Halioua (DOP), Karin Frey (styling/set construction). Image editing: Sevengreen. Responsible at TWmedia: Stephan Küng (overall responsibility), Manuela Brunner (media planning), Pearl Kathriner (senior TV planner), Damiano Vitali (head of TV), Sven Däschner (head of online), Aaron Salzgeber, Miriam Küng (digital campaign manager), Silja Meier (online media planner). Responsible at Crossfive Werbeagentur: Gabriel Körte, Martin Wyss (overall responsibility), Tanja Häfelfinger (concept, illustration, animation), Lukas Engel (animation), Alain Stöcklin (animation), Clara Mangold. (Animation), Lena Hartwig (Text). Responsible at HitMill: Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Fred Herrmann (Producer, Composition, Mix), Claudia Pfiffner (Projectmanagement). Responsible at Covermedia: Angelina Belintani (Production) Rainer Amman, Stefan Sommerhalder (Soundengineers voice recordings).

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