TBS for Zurich Water Supply: Best Drinking Water

The WVZ is the competence center for water in Switzerland. Only very few people know what it does for the best drinking water. The current campaign "Natürlich.Züriwasser" from the hand of TBS clarifies.

The water supply of the city of Zurich has been in existence for 150 years. Today, it is the largest and most innovative competence center for drinking water in Switzerland. A new communication concept is designed to increase awareness of this among Zurich's city population.

This is because, although the water supply is basically perceived positively, it is also taken for granted - as is the high quality of Zurich's drinking water itself. However, the great commitment of the WVZ and the variety of activities that ensure this quality are not seen. The campaign is therefore intended to make all Zurich residents aware again of the value of our high-quality drinking water and to charmingly demonstrate the comprehensive competence of the WVZ.

Pure facts about Zurich drinking water

The approach for the campaign: We let the water speak for itself right away. And present fascinating facts and impressive aspects about Züri drinking water. These tidbits of knowledge are just as suitable for advertising as they are for educational content on social media and on the website, for vehicle lettering, and for events and tours of the waterworks.

Cheerfully illustrated and drop by drop informs

For the implementation, the following applied: We do not want to convey this water knowledge in a lecturing manner, but as entertaining and inspiring as possible: sometimes surprising, sometimes impressive, sometimes helpful in everyday life - and always easy to understand. The cheerful illustrations with depth appeal to adults and children alike and invite them to delve deeper into the information on the website.

The campaign was implemented within the city's corporate design; the concept, design, illustrations and text for the campaign came entirely from TBS.

The campaign runs

At the start of the campaign, six motifs were launched that reflect the topic of drinking water and the work of water utilities in a variety of ways, thus making their expertise directly visible.

The official start of the campaign was the open day on Saturday, September 30, 2023, when the two new WVZ pumping stations Strickhof and Schindlergut could be visited.
Posters and a set of postcards from the series will draw visitors' attention to the WVZ. In addition, the campaign will be placed on streetcar trailers, followed by F200 city posters in a second wave in spring 2024.

On the Website the facts are deepened, and thus one learns everything worth knowing about the best water supply in Switzerland. In addition, the campaign subjects for a broader presence in everyday urban life will also be seen on the new vehicles of the WVZ and for Social media, flyers, lectures and brochures used.

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