Pam Advertising: A streetcar completely in smile look

For Smile, the Pam Advertising agency uses the full surface of a streetcar and transforms the means of transport outside and inside into a moving message for the insurance company.

A streetcar with a smile look: For Smile, the Pam Advertising agency uses the full surface of the means of transport and sends the streetcar through the VBZ network. Large smiley emojis are placed on the outer surface to visually support the name Smile. The streetcar front design transforms the streetcar into a moving giant smiley. Headlines on the exterior surface ask passengers and passers-by to get off at their current insurance, among other things.

In the interior, too, everything revolves around Smile: There, further visual and textual dramatizations communicate with passengers. For example, the monthly cancellation right with Smile is confidently pointed out. The VBZ surveillance cameras in the streetcars also become insurance protagonists and are integrated into the branding. Furthermore, the entire range of insurance products, from household insurance to Smile car insurance, is thematized in the streetcar interior. The Smile streetcar is in operation until shortly before Christmas.

Responsible at Smile: Pierangelo Campopiano (CEO), Joséphine Chamoulaud (CMO), Ivana Gonzalez (Marketing Strategist Europe); Fabienne Braunschweiler (Brand & Communication Manager Europe). Responsible at Pam Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (overall responsibility and creative direction). Responsible at Nova Impact (Media Agency): Sandra Fehr (Managing Partner), Marcel Bieri (Senior Media Consultant).



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